Square Enix displayed unpainted prototype versions of their Play Arts Kai The Dark Knight Rises Batman and Bane action figures first at SDCC and later during NYCC, and now that the figures are available for pre-order, proper official product images of their painted incarnations have surfaced online. Though the recently released Mass Effect 3 Shepard figure from the PAK line received some harsh reviews for its head sculpt and paint job, the new images are hopefully an indication that SE won't falter with the Batman line after releasing a number of very well-received Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City figures. Both 10" figures are currently going for around $65 online, though buyers should know they'll have to wait until a project June, 2013 release date to set them on a desk and get all Bane Voice with them. You can scope out the toys and their extra hands and accessories more closely after the cut.

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