It's hardly uncommon to hear about "Star Wars" influencing children through action figures, video games and other avenues of pop culture, but it's a little less common to see "Star Wars" influencing the creation of new children. But anonymous "Star Wars" fans Jeff and Jennifer seem have been inspired enough to share the news that they're having twins SW style, as the entire Internet now knows thanks to a video edited a short time ago, in a uterus nearby...

In a hilariously edited retelling of the final space battle in "Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope," Luke Skywalker represents an "aging couple" while Darth Vader and his minions symbolize the "laws of nature." Han Solo flies in as "kick-ass sperm," blows the "laws of nature" away, and allows the "aging couple" to shoot some firepower into the "baby hole." A massive explosion ensues, resulting in the escape of "two kids."

This isn't my overactive imagination - this is how Jeff and Jennifer decided to reveal to the world that they're expecting twins, who they will not be naming Luke and Leia.

Watch the awesome baby announcement after the jump.

[Source: Seen All Over]