Last updated November 30, 2016.

Four years ago, Disney bought Lucasfilm and a number of its properties for $4 billion. With that deal came the right to produce new movies, books, comics, games and toys based on the existing Star Wars universe. However, since Lucasfilm had let the universe of Star Wars expand so widely since the conclusion of the original trilogy in 1983, Disney decided it was best to wipe the slate mostly clean. The Mouse House greatly streamlined the Star Wars galaxy, introducing a new and improved canon for a new age.

This new canon would still keep much of what made Star Wars so endearing to a large number of older fans, but it would also open the previously impregnable fortress of the expanded universe for new fans by practically dismissing all of it. In the past four years, Disney has been busy filling the void vacated by the expanded universe. Since the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we've carefully curated a catalog of Star Wars' new history. This is the new Star Wars canon timeline.

With the help of ComicsAlliance designer and Star Wars scholar Dylan Todd, we've lined up every single thing that counts in Disney's new Star Wars world. Bit by bit, movie by movie, book by book, we've plotted out the next few years of Star Wars as it exists today.

To make things a bit easier to understand, we've divided the timeline into two parts; one list shows when and where events fall in the Star Wars' universe timeline, the other shows what's on the way, as well as when and where it fits. What's more, we'll keep updating this list as more and more excursions into this new, yet familiar world happen.

Ideally, you'll never be at a loss as to where a certain comic story falls in relation to the movies, and you'll never have to wonder when the next big film or TV series is launching.

Of course, Disney's planning on putting out new Star Wars movies every year for the rest of forever, and new books and comics are coming out at a steady pace, so the sun may bring about the heat death of our solar system before this timeline is truly ever finished. For now though, take solace in knowing we tried our hardest to make sure it was easy for you to stay in the know with all things Star Wars.


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