Before Empire Strikes Back, before Vader tries to turn Luke into his apprentice, there was another. LucasArts upcoming Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, hitting in the Spring of 2008 on most every console, tells the story of Vader's Secret Apprentice, a man he's tortured and trained to hunt down Jedi and do his bidding. Taking place between Episode III and IV gamers will be treated to a unique story where the battle between light and dark is waged on a galactic and personal level. A story where the Jedi still live, and Vader is the evil monster we were introduced to in Episode IV. Just who is this apprentice, where does he come from, where does he go, and how does The Force Unleashed tie into the Star Wars mythos? This is a new chapter in the Star Wars gaming legacy, one without LEGO's, without a Battlefront, one that takes gamers and puts them under the leadership of one of the deadliest Sith to roam the galaxy. For now sit back and watch as the developers give you some background on the Apprentice, support characters in the game and the story backdrop soon to be enjoyed by Star Wars fans everywhere. Get ready for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.