Well, that's certainly one way the Ghostbusters could've rid New York of the giant, menacing Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man -- by dropping him into a giant cup of hot cocoa.

Alas, if only Threadless had been around in 1984 and if only the Ghostbusters were, ya know, real, then this shirt would've definitely helped the cause of busting evil spirits (especially those in the form of a marshmallow pitchman). Designed by David Staffell, the tee is currently for sale on Threadless on a royal blue American Apparel tee or a Threadless tee for the ladies for $18, and features Puft Daddy looking all kinds of miffed about being slowly, painfully and deliciously dissolved in the world's largest mug of hot chocolate. Place your order now and have it delivered in time for that little show going on in San Diego in a few weeks.[Insert obligatory, "Who ya gonna call?" joke here before heading to Threadless.]