The terrifying Chinese genius known only as Steel Legend who spent Xenu knows how much money and manpower in replicating with scrap metal the horrible Megatron tank from Transformers 2 has returned with a virtual army of garbage warriors that will surely destroy us all.Michael Bay's hideous versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron are among the new robot replicas created by the enigmatic Steel Legend and his team of mad scientists. It is truly astonishing that they've been able to model the characters so perfectly using just found materials, but one cannot help but feel regret and even a sense of dread over the fact that the Shia LaBeouf era of Transformers has been immortalized so beautifully. Let us hope that Steel Legend's next robot rollout will cross the seas to Hollywood and free us from Michael Bay' reign of horribleness. Or just stomp us all to death. Either way, we're probably better off.

[Via Geekologie]