Two "Street Fighter" movies. One of them wonderfully horrible, the other just horrible. What are the odds that we'll ever see a legitimately good "Street Fighter" film? Relatively high, if "Street Fighter Legacy" filmmaker Joey Ansah gets his way.

Ansah created "Legacy," a three minute short film developed out of his love for the "Street Fighter" franchise. The movie centers on an epic showdown between Ryu and Ken alongside plenty of visual and audio throwbacks to the original video games. If Ansah is trying to prove that an authentic "Street Fighter" movie can be made, he certainly made a strong case.

There's really no story here, but that's not necessarily a complaint - "Street Fighter," at least in video game form, never really had much in the way of plot in the first place. While Ansah has demonstrated that a "Street Fighter" movie can be quite badass and faithful to the original game, showcasing those elements alongside a compelling story is something of a trickier matter.

Dragon Punch your way past the jump and check out the full "Street Fighter Legacy" video.

[Source: Collider]