Although I was more impressed by Kevin Tancharoen's recent "Mortal Kombat: Rebirth" short than the "Street Fighter: Legacy" movie we highlighted a couple of months ago, I have no trouble admitting that I'm a bigger fan of Ryu, Ken and their respective combatants than the "MK" gang, thanks in no small part to the cool "Street Fighter" comics from Udon Entertainment and the even cooler "Street Fighter" sneakers that may or may not be officially on the way.

"What 'Street Fighter' sneakers are you talking about," you ask? I'm talking about these "Street Fighter Dunks," a rumored collaboration between Capcom and Nike focusing on your favorite "Street Fighter" heroes in footgear form! Thankfully, these shoes are very classy, simply borrowing color schemes from their respective characters rather than getting all dolled up with fancy "Street Fighter" art.So far, we've only seen sneakers based on Ryu and Chun Li, but it can't be long before we get some Guile kicks. After all, Guile goes with everything.

[Via Kotaku]