This past weekend's Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland gave scads of publishers and creators from in and around the indie scene to showcase their talents and peddle their wares. The pace of the show seemed brisk both on the floor and in the panel rooms of the Lloyd Center Doubletree Exhibit Hall, specifically on Saturday afternoon when several CA contributors hit the scene.

While there was no shortage of books to be had during the convention, handshakes and greetings could also be had by any who navigated the show floor's many tables, which were organized efficiently enough to take in without any real fuss.

From a visitor's standpoint it came across as a creatively well-stocked show in a clean and navigable space - plus there was a mall nearby with a not only an Orange Julius, but also a Jamba Juice. That's two smoothie options!

Check out a sampling of shots from the show floor after the jump to get an idea of how the con went down.

Hope Larson

James Sturm

Jeremy Shepherd

Dave Nuss

Matthew Southworth

Kate Beaton

Theo Ellsworth

Monico Chavez

Justin Zimmerman flashes the peace sign

Graham Annable

Scott C.

R. Sikoryak

Kurt Busiek

Richard Starkings

Erika Moen

Batton Lash

Fantagraphics' collective surprise

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