Music: Soulja Boy's Naruto homage on the cover of his new 1UP mixtape is a clear indication of his otaku status. [Rap-Up]

Magazines: We love Nathan Fillion around these parts, but EW has him making some strange jazz hands on its new magazine cover. [ToplessRobot]

Awards: Check out the nominees for the 2011 Stumptown Comic Arts awards to see which of your favorite indie creators made the list. [Stumptown Comis Fest]

Apps: The iOS crowd can now get plugged into the House of Ideas' out-of-office goings on via the Marvel Events app. [iTunes]

Toys: A few years back some old co-workers told me I looked like Death Note's Light Yagami. This Griffon figure reminds me why I took it as a compliment for the most part. [Tomopop]

Movies: The new Priest preview doesn't contain a ton of new footage, but if you like vampire hunting, it's worth a look. [SuperHeroHype]

Legos: Pikmin never really took off as a manga or anime, but Flickr user Filip Johannes Felberg's Lego creations are well worth a look regardless of a tight comics connection. [4CR]

Theme Parks: Magic Mountain's new "Escape From Krypton" Superman ride seems to lack an exploding planet under a red sun, but it does look really, really fast. [ABC]

Toys: The Graphitti Designs booth will have 1,000 White Lantern: The Flash and 1,000 White Lantern: Batman DC Direct exclusive action figures available for sale at C2E2 and WonderCon. [The Source]

Anarchy: It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday... [Kevin Church]

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