"What goes on in the mind of the koopa? What goes on in the mind of the koopa in his endless bouncing hell?!"

It's an interesting question that the folks at College Humor have put forth in a new parody video, "Koopa's Hell," spinning directly out of the Super Mario Brothers universe. The video begins innocently enough with the familiar Mario tune as everyone's favorite video game plumber side-scrolls across the screen, stopping briefly to stomp on a koopa trooper between two pipes.

But that's the last - or almost the last - we see of Mario, as the focus shifts to the koopa's resulting existence as an empty shell stuck endlessly bouncing back and forth between two pipes. Despite the best efforts from the Mushroom Kingdom's surrounding inhabitants, nothing can be done to undo "the living hell that Mario hath wrought upon the koopa."

The next time you think about stomping on one of these shelled bad guys during a "Mario" run-through, make sure to think of this video and remember how your actions might effect the koopa's eternal existence.

[Source: College Humor]