Even though statistics are not most folks' idea of an awesome time, comic book fans are one crowd that seems to dig them in appropriate doses. Price guides, monthly sales numbers, series data -- it's the stuff collectors and amateur analysts can't help but find interesting.

With this in mind, the folks at Terapeak have developed a widget that monitors the sale of collector's items related to mainstream superhero and pop culture characters on eBay.

It's called the Superhero Scoreboard:

(find out more after the jump...)The scoreboard widget tracks the total number of, say, Batman items sold, their average price and total overall sales from the past 30 days. Fans are given a simple breakdown of franchises like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, G.I. Joe and others to navigate between in a flash-animated interface that's pretty slick. There's also a fun "search" option that lets fans run anything they want. I tried "Urkel" and got some pretty surprising results (specifically that people are actually buying and selling Urkel merchandise).

While I'm more of a reader than a "collector" per se, I can see this being a fun tool for retailers and casual eBayers with a penchant for comics or fan-friendly properties.

Do you have a need for such a service? What are your thoughts?

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