It seems like just yesterday (last winter) we were recoiling in fear at the sight of Bioworld Merchandising's Marvel Comics full-face ski-masks. Never one to model their business after the House of Horror Ideas, DC's gone its own Bioworld way with equally repelling fashions in the form of hoodies bearing both left and right profiles of Batman, Superman and the Joker. Time sure does fly!

The fact that the three "All View" hoodies make my skin crawl shouldn't detract from their obvious quality. Each seems suited for the lazy cosplayer within (as the owner of a Boba Fett hoodie, I stand with you!), and at $40, there are certainly worse ways to stay warm when they drop in October.

Bonus fashion tip: Couple a Captain America ski-mask with the Superman hoodie, and you'll totally become an Amalgammer of the creepiest order.

Check out the hoodies up close below:

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