james kochalka

James Kochalka Appointed Vermont’s first Cartoonist Laureate
The prolific author of such beloved Top Shelf comics including American Elf, Johnny Boo, Monkey Vs. Robot and Sketchbook Diaries, James Kochalka has been appointed Cartoonist Laureate of his home state of Vermont. This makes Vermont the second American state offers such an honor, following the appoi…
Superf*ckers Collection Preview — EXCLUSIVE
Do you like violent, foul-mouthed teenaged superheroes a la "The Boys" and "Brat Pack," but wish they were drawn more like children's books? Then man, have we got the book for you: "Superf*ckers" by James Kochalka.
While the idea of badly behaved, out-of-control teen sup…

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