Remember when Taiwan's NMA TV limited their... eccentric... animations to topical news stories? Sure, their CG animated take on topics like the NBC's talkshow drama, The Dark Knight Rises filming and Miles Morales becoming Ultimate Spider-Man were irreverent and illustrated through cartoony visuals, but there was a certain element of actual news at play. With its new parody of The Avengers movie, however, NMA has transitioned into full-on parody madness with Loki leaking a stand-in of Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson's nude photos to the world (a subject NMA covered separately last month). The leaked pics inspire a steroid abusing Captain America, a coke'd out Iron Man and a horny Thor to appropriately avenge her under the direction of Nick Fury's Transformers scripts? See how the team's mission shakes out between some bizarre references to masturbation, a cameo by President Obama and the inevitable arrival of director Joss Whedon in the slightly NSFW trailer after the jump.

[Via NMA]

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