Here at ComicsAlliance, we don't just like to talk about comics, we also like to provide our readers with solutions to the everyday problems that comics readers often face. Say, for example, that Valentine's Day has snuck up on you, and you're facing down a V-Day date without a present for that special someone! And to make matters worse, you're almost completely broke, with only one thin dollar to your name. Oh, and you've also time-traveled back to 1970.

Sure, we've all been there, and it seems like an impossible pickle, but rest easy: ComicsAlliance (and "Jughead" #178) has the solution.

Who doesn't love fine art, especially when it's as "appealing" as these "beautiful" oil paintings? And so much variety!

And if your sweetheart's more of a cat person, don't worry...

...we've got you covered.

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