With the holiday season upon us, we here at ComicsAlliance have decided to make things a little easier on you by highlighting some of the best presents you can get for the comic book reader on your list in our Holiday Gift Guide!

Walt Disney's Donald Duck: Lost in the Andes

Published by: Fantagraphics

Retail Cost: $24.99

This year, Fantagraphics put out the first volume in their Disney Duck hardcovers, collecting the best stories by Carl Barks, the legendary creator of Uncle Scrooge who defined Donald and his family for over 20 years. This one's centered around the famous "Lost in the Andes" -- known to more casual fans as "the one with the square eggs" -- and with its beautiful design, interesting bonus material and masterful all-ages storytelling, it's one of the few comics that I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Check out a sample of the lead story after the cut!

The hardcover's packed full of feature-length stories, shorts, and even one-page gag strips, with the blend adventure and comedy that made Carl Barks so legendary -- and it's even got one of the craziest Christmas stories I've ever read -- all wrapped up in Fantagraphics' usual incredible design. It's hands-down one of the best gifts of the year, and you can snag it on the cheap right now at Amazon!

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