What if Batman had a fur-lined cape? Or had Scribblenauts on his cowl? Or was Rorschach?

All those questions and more were answered at the Cape/Cowl/Create Exhibition hosted by DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Vice magazine at Comic-Con International in San Diego. The whole thing was a promotion for the new Batman: Arkham Knight game, and used the cape and cowl designs from the game as a basis for the artwork. We checked the gallery out on opening night and the concept resulted in some pretty cool stuff, including work by Zack Snyder, Will Arnett and Jeff Lemire.

The opulence of the event was a vivid expression of just how big the Arkham games have become, as installations like these are often reserved for big tech franchise announcements. As we've discussed before on ComicsAlliance, for increasing numbers of people around the world and of younger generations, Batman is as much a video game and film character as he is a comic book hero -- probably more so.