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For the past two years, Comic-Con attendees have been teased with the promise of The Guardian Line release-a new Christian comic book line featuring a unique assemblage of compelling stories illustrating the trials of moral conflict and repentance and dynamic art crafted by some of the industry's premier illustrators. The wait is over! The Guardian Line™ will make its Comic-Con debut at this years Comic-Con convention in San Diego.

Launched in December 2006 by Christian publishing and media firm, UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc), and creator Michael Davis, The Guardian Line was developed to appeal to a multicultural audience of seasoned Christians, new believers, and mainstream fans.

The Guardian Line provides an urban illustration of the timeless battle of good versus evil within The Guardian Universe. The line, featuring four faith-based series with edge-Joe and Max, The Seekers, Genesis 5, and Code-takes place in the fictional city of New Hope. All of the series feature the three essentials of a Michael Davis universe: strong African American characters, a multicultural cast (some with extraordinary powers) and a guy named Larry.

Industry veteran, Davis is well known as the co-creator of Static Shock!, the Emmy award-winning WB & Cartoon Network show. In 1992, Davis and three partners founded Milestone Media, a comic book revolution that spawned a full-scale multicultural universe of heroes and villains and good stories.

Michael Davis, Lovern Kindzierski (The Seekers & Genesis 5) and Jason Medley (Joe & Max) will be on site at booth #2044 to meet fans, review portfolios and answer questions about the line.

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