Superhero fans are a pretty detail-oriented bunch. The complexities of characters, costumes, powers and weapons spanning several shared universes -- and multiverses -- will do that to you. Tapping into readers' compulsion to organize this multifaceted experience, Pop Chart Lab (with the aid of Brooklyn's Bergen Street Comics) has compiled a massive print known as "The Illustrious Omnibus of Super Powers," which maps out the abilities of more than 200 superheroes and villains.Each of the 500 limited edition 18" x 24" prints comes signed by the artists (and numbered, naturally). Those who preorder by April 15 can score the poster for $20, but it pops up to $25 if you wait.

Eco heroes among us will also be happy to know that the print is on recycled stock using vegetable-based inks -- all right here in the USA.

Click to see the full poster below:

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