It looks like Good Smile Company and Max Factory's Luigi won't be the lone Nintendo Nendoroid from the line for much longer. The Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker Link Nendoroid we saw at Toy Fair 2013 will be sailing to retail in late August.

Like most all Nendoroids, Link will stand a little less than 4" tall and come with enough swappable parts to fill an inventory screen. Link's Hero sword (and a sword-swinging effect piece), Hero's shield, a heart container, and the game's Wind Waker baton will all be present and accounted for in the figure's box, plus a clear base to pose everything on. Of course, the figure will come packed with plenty of facial expression parts as well, including a smiling expression, a more fierce combat expression and a funny nervous expression. There's no massive King of Red Lions ship accessory, however, so fans will have to simply build their own.

Nendoroid Link hasn't surfaced on any North American preorder sites yet, but considering the popularity of the Skyward Sword Link Figma from Max Factory and the Real Action Heroes figure from Medicom in the US -- and the presence of the Link Nendoroid at Toy Fair -- it's a safe bet that it'll be easier to order outside of Japan before long. Until then, it's available for preorder through Japanese toy sites for about ¥3,704 ($36.47 USD).

You can get a better look at Nendoroid Link below.




[Via Ami Ami]