New Warriors #2 coverPress Release

The New Warriors are dead...Long Live The New Warriors! In the wake of Civil War, a new team of New Warriors have formed-fighting crime and the Super Human Registration act-led by the enigmatic Night Thrasher. In the first issue of this acclaimed series by writer Kevin Grevioux and penciller Paco Medina, Night Thrasher began assembling a team of de-powered mutants-including Beak and Wind Dancer-to complete his mission. Just what is his endgame? Wasn't he presumed dead? And how will Iron Man respond to this band of young upstarts? If those answers weren't enough, New Warriors #2 will feature the return of wildly popular character and the shocking secret identity of one New Warrior!

Critics agree that New Warriors is the book that Marvel fans new and old should be reading, with ComicBookResources.Com's Hannibal Tabu exclaiming, "Savvy, smart, and well told -- this is definitely a comic to keep your eyes on."

Declaring the series a "must-read," IGN.Com's Richard George gushed, "It's extremely entertaining and simply radiates heart."

With ties to the popular The Initiative storyline and rave reviews from all corners, Marvel urges retailers to check their orders on New Warriors #2, which continues to explore the enthralling mystery of this new team. These New Warriors aren't going down without a fight-and they've got Tony Stark in their crosshairs!

Penciled by PACO MEDINA
Cover by NIC KLEIN
Rated T+ ...$2.99
FOC-6/14/07, On-Sale-7/5/07

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