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At its outset, Vertigo built it's brand largely on the work of writers from the United Kingdom. Alan Moore, Jamie Delano, Neil Gaiman, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan and more were part of the so-called "British Invasion" of American comics in the '80s, with a creative output that forever changed the industry. Decades later, its a relationship that's still working well for Vertigo, as today the imprint has announced The Royals: Masters Of War, a six issue miniseries from ComicsAlliance favorites Rob Williams and Simon Coleby.

We highlighted the work of writer Williams and artist Coleby last year with their contributions to 2000 AD's Trifecta storyline, which we declared the best event comic of 2012. Now the duo is doing their first Vertigo work on this new story. Set against the backdrop of World War II, The Royals: Masters Of War focuses on a version of the Royal Family whose power is manifest as actual superhuman abilities -- and the purer the bloodline, the stronger those abilities are. The series begins at the Battle of Berlin, with each subsequent issue set at the site of a significant event during the conflict: Pearl Harbor, The Battle Of Midway, Stalingrad, D-Day and the Fall of Berlin.

“The Royals takes all the soap opera, the scurrilous gossip and the glamour that sustains a worldwide fascination with the British Royal Family, and then adds super powers to the mix," says Coleby. "And while there's a satirical edge here, this, ultimately, is a story about power and control, and how a small group of individuals attempt to make a difference against overwhelming odds."

Williams said he and Coleby were "thrilled" to be working with Vertigo on this project. "It feels like absolutely the right place for a story filled with horror, a tangible sardonic edge and big, world-shaking themes.”

The Royals: Masters Of War #1, featuring a cover by Coleby and a variant cover by Brian Bolland, goes on sale February 12.


The Royals: Masters Of War #1 Page 17

The Royals: Masters Of War #1 Page 21

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