Chris Pratt and Chris Evans have gone to war. The second and third most handsome Marvel movie Chrisses (or third and second, maybe) have launched a Twitter feud over this coming weekend's Super Bowl between Pratt's team, the Seattle Seahawks, and Evans' team, the New England Patriots. Evans has now promised that if his team loses on Sunday, he'll visit the Seattle Children's Hospital in his Captain America costume, waving a Seahawks flag. But if Pratt's team loses, Pratt agrees he will visit the Christopher's Haven home for children with cancer in Boston, wearing his Star-Lord costume and a Tom Brady Patriots jersey.

The stakes are high. And adorable. And only fate, and maybe sport, can decide the outcome of this bet. But we wanted to give ComicsAlliance readers a chance to weigh in on the Pratt/Evans handsome-face-off, so all this week we're running a series of polls pitting the world of Captain America against the world of Star-Lord. At the end of the week we'll tally up the results to see which of these men is the people's champion. Welcome to The Superpoll.


(Due to a glitch on this third poll for mobile users we've replaced it with a new version, but all your votes are still recorded. You can see the original version here.)



You can also express a preference by making a donation to the Seattle Children's Hospital (Pratt's choice) or Christopher's Haven (Evans' choice). If you prefer Chris Hemsworth, donate to both.

Polls close Friday 30th January at 10am EST. Come back tomorrow, and every day this week, for more chances to vote in The Superpoll: Pratt Vs. Evans.


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