Just as The Walking Dead comic book and AMC TV series thrust its protagonist into a bewildering environment before introducing the undead, so has TWD videogame maker Telltale Games. Though fans still haven't caught lurkers or roamers, clear signs of the zombie uprising are apparent in new concept art of the game's forboding environments. Check out the new images after the jump.Serving as something of a parallel narrative to the The Walking Dead comic, Telltale's episodic TWD game will follow the duo of involuntarily escaped prisoner Lee Everett and a seven-year-old girl named Clementine who has been hiding from zombies in her tree house. As reported by CBR, gameplay won't be rooted in direct zombie combat, but rather in making more practical survival decisions in a world brimming with ghouls. Just as in the comic and TV show and comic, the name of the TWD game will be survival when it arrives potentially by the end of the year.

See the ominous new images from Telltale's upcoming The Walking Dead game below:

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[Via CBR]

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