As popular as Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's The Walking Dead comic and its AMC TV spinoff are, fans have become accustomed to their respective release schedules enough that the wait between installments seems routine. Not quite so with Telltale's interactive The Walking Dead video game, however. Beloved by critics (including our own Andy Yen and Matt Wilson) and fans alike, the chapter-based title has sold like undead hotcakes and made more than $40 million so far. Needless to say, fans are hungry for a "Season Two" sequel, stat. Telltale hasn't let much about its TWD followup slip yet, but on IGN's Up at Noon did manage to get some fresh info from TWD writer Gary Whitta, who also wrote The Book of Eli and co-wrote the upcoming Will/Jaden Smith sci-fi film After Earth with director M. Night Shyamalan. While it may be some time before TWD Season Two, it seems Telltale may be dropping something new for fans to play while they wait.

"There may very well be more 'Walking Dead' from Telltale before Season [Two]." Whitta told Up At Noon, "We may have a little something extra for you between season One and Two. There may be something in the works even as we speak that will make the wait for Season Two slightly less agonizing. Or more agonizing depending on... there will be more solid information on that in the near future. But for right now... You won't have to wait for Season Two to play more 'Walking Dead,' I'll say that."

Whitta was very careful not to so much as hint at plot details for the upcoming sequel, but as far as a timetable for TWD Season Two?

"I can tell you what you already know, which is season two is coming. There's not much to say because it is really early in the process, we're just starting to talk about it - it's a way off," Whitta told Up At Noon.

So, it looks like fans might be waiting on Season Two for some time, but at least Telltale's got an appetizer cooking in the meantime, even if its release timetable is still vague.

You can watch Up At Noon's full interview below.

[Via IGN]

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