There are very few things in this world that I love more than comic books and delicious food, so when I came across an article on Robot 6 about Foogos, a website where an advertising agent creates logos for his favorite things out of delicious foodstuffs, I knew it was going to be awesome. In addition to edible logos of sports teams (like a Boston Bruins pizza), Foogos has also crafted an entire buffet of super-hero logos, including a spinach and provolone Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles logo baked right onto the most appropriate medium of all time, a pizza. And they are awesome. Check out a few more of our favorites after the cut!First up, the Foogos version of the Batman's symbol, rendered in blueberries. The initial (or "raw," har har) version even came complete with a nice, Christopher Nolan-esque "splash" effect from the juice:

For the final version, though, the Batman logo was placed on a bed of banana slices, with the effect being something that I could definitely see Alfred unveiling on a silver tray for Bruce Wayne's healthy breakfast:

And speaking of Foogos creations that I can instantly see in-story reasons for, there's no way this all-lime version of the Green Lantern logo wouldn't be right at home at one of Guy Gardner's legendary Margarita Mondays:

Both of those pale in comparison to Foogos' most impressive fruit-based creaton, though -- Captain America's sheild, renderd in banana, blueberry and strawberry:

The only thing missing is a good ol' fashioned American apple, but that's covered in the Avengers logo, made from Cap-approved applesauce:

For another patriotic entry, we have America's daring, highly trained special missions force, G.I. Joe. Referred to as "GI Jogurt" on the site, this one's honey, strawberry and blueberry yogurt laid out on a background of crushed granola bars:

The GI Joe logo is made of some pretty healthy stuff. Their foes in Cobra, however? All Twizzlers:

For another great '80s cartoon icon, Foogos put together chocolate and vanilla soy pudding with blueberry yogurt and got Skeletor:

Soy pudding seems to be the medium of choice for edible skulls and antiheroes, as evidenced by Foogos' versions of The Punisher...

And Spider-Man foe/'90s icon Venom:

Finally, one of the more impressive bits of cheese-based lettering I've ever seen, a recreation of the Hellboy logo on delicious-looking chili:

For more, including NHL logos and one amazing, non-edible portrait of WWF superstar Papa Shango, check out the Foogos website!

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