By now we know what Captain America will look like in "Captain America: The First Avenger," we've seen some pretty slick concept art from the production, and we got to hear some zany, shield-flingin' reports from Saturday's Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic-Con regarding the film, so naturally, we're just waiting on the next step in geek hype evolution -- action figures.

Well, True Believers, that long national wait has come to an end, as Hasbro has unveiled the first action figure of the "First Avenger" along with previously mentioned "Thor" characters Odin, Loki and the Thunder God himself during the weekend. Now (well, not "now" now, but soon) you can have the Star-Spangled one standing at your desk shouting "Face front, soldier, and get to work!" or make your Viking toys cower in wonderment at Asgard's finest.

While no release date was set for the toys, one can only expect that we'll be seeing more figures from the film (like a dirty Nazi named the Red Skull) between now and the 2011 debut of each film.

[Via Marvelousnews]

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