While many major motion pictures are plagued by spoilers gleaned from early action figure releases, Marvel's done a pretty good job of keeping up with its Avengers franchise. Hasbro unloaded a ton of Thor and Captain America movie toys at New York Comic-Con a few weeks back, but according to MarvelousNews, a new toy has surfaced that may reveal the look of Asgard's frosty, giantish foes.

If this is indeed a frost giant and not some other icy dude from Jotunheim or something, purists may want to take a few deep breaths. This guy may look a little like a Na'Vi John Tesh than Hasbro's upcoming comic book frost giant (which looks totally dope), but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a sparkling personality. And remember, frost giants do shrink in warmer temperatures!

Ah, who are we kidding? Let's compare!

Movie Toy:

Comic Toy:

The last time fans saw anything from Asgard's nine movie worlds was back at San Diego Comic-Con where Sega teased in-game locations from its pending movie tie-in videogame. Of course, Jotunheim wasn't explicitly labeled among the more icy locations, meaning there were no close looks to be had at any icy inhabitants.

Hasbro's done a pretty awesome job of adapting Marvel's various movies into 3.75" toys, meaning that if this is the Thor movie frost giant, then its likeness is accurate. Whether or not it's fandom's cup of tea right off the bat remains to be seen.

What do you think?


[Via Marvelousnews]