Since comics first moved to the internet, there's been a lot of discussion about how the digital world could potentially change the way people make and read comics. A new iPad and iPhone comic titled "The First Witch" is trying a new experiment: using the screen as a window into the comic book world, where the scene changes as you physically move your device around.

The comic was written and drawn by Karrie Fransman and created by Jonathan Plackett, who explained that the comic "uses the accelerometer in iStuff to create a new reading experience. Tilting the device changes the part of the comic you're looking at, giving the appearance of looking through a window into the scene."

Check a video of Fransman using the iPad to read the comic after the jump.

While this might not be practical for most traditional comics, it could have some applications. Imagine a tilt-based splash page inserted into a typical digital comic, perhaps simulating the experience of a character gazing outside at a particular scene. Or imagine a promotional teaser for an upcoming superhero event where the tilt effect allows you to look around a character's secret lair, revealing clues. It's a fun experiment, and the sort of thing that's great to see people playing with in the digital landscape.

(Via Scott McCloud, naturally)