Earlier this week we relayed the relatively amorphous news that Toei Animation has plans to complete new "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" and "Daikuu Maryu Gaiking" CG animated features for international audiences. According to Anime News Network things are moving right along at Toei, however, which has released new promotional images teasing the look of the film and has reportedly already completed a trailer for "Harlock."

The promotional images are preliminary and subject to change, but with a creative lineup that includes the screen writer from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC," the director and mechanical designer from "Appleseed" and the character designer from "Ninja Scroll," the look of the film seems to be in qualified hands. Harlock's armor seems a little Edward Elric, but I'm okay with the good captain trading up from his original white slacks.

There's no word on when the pilot will find its way to the Web, but ANN expects more word at the Tokyo International Anime Fair this week...Now to wait for more word on "Gaiking."[Via Anime News Network]