It looks like Hot Toys has crafted something of a treasure for toy collectors who dug this year's CG animated Space Pirate Captain Harlock feature. The toymaker has released new images of not only its 1/6 scale Captain Harlock packed with multiple hands, a sword, a blaster and Mr. Bird -- but also a deluxe version of the figure sitting atop the huge Throne of Arcadia.

While the figure is based on Toei's CG feature version of Leiji Matsumoto's classic manga/anime hero, the core elements of his design are all present and accounted for. It's pretty hard to mess up a somber longhaired dude with a facial scar and an eyepatch, after all.

With an estimated release date of September 2014, it'll be awhile before fans can get their hands on Harlock and/or his honkin' chair, which is probably just enough time to hunt down the necessary booty to afford one. The standard figure is going for about $250, with the Thorne of Arcadia version retailing for $420.



Captain Harlock Collectible Figure with Throne of Arcadia


[Via Hot Toys]