Two of Toei Animation's biggest animated franchises from the late '70s could be making a worldwide comeback with "Space Captain Harlock" and "Daikuu Maryu Gaiking" set for CG animated cinematic releases set for 2012.

According to Anime News Network, Toei has plans to produce and distribute computer generated animated features based on both the space drama and the super robot fighter series with international audiences in mind. Both films seem to have seemingly hearty budgets (several billion yen, which according to Google conversions rates amounts to...well...lots and lots of US dollars) and are scheduled to be completed in 2011.

There's no info regarding Toei's exact storytelling intentions for either film. Relaunched series seem pretty plausible given the series' relative age and the studio's international aims, but sequels to either longstanding franchise aren't worth ruling out completely at this point. Unlike earlier reports of a live action "Captain Harlock" film, Toei's plans seem legit and uncontested, meaning fans of the space pirate will likely see a film in one form or the other sooner than later.[Via Anime News Network]