Voracious comic readers can now order from the Top Shelf for the price of wells. And if that crude bar hopping metaphor isn't obvious enough, Top Shelf Publications is having a massive $3 sale at its Web site.

A healthy portion of the publisher's graphic novel backlog is now on sale for less than the cover price of most monthly single issues from across comicdom, making certain titles certified steals.

A significant amount of the publisher's other offerings have been marked down as well, making it an excellent time to scope "The Surrogates" material before its upcoming cinematic release or catch up on "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" or "Essex County." Additionally, all orders will be shipped with sampler freebies, which more than justifies the cost of shipping.

The free stuff doesn't end there, however, iPhoners can also get hip to the free first issue of "The Surrogates" #1 as a free download in the iTunes app store.

Me? I've got my eye on an Owly plush...