Axe Cop
, Ethan Nicolle and little brother Malachai Nicolle's webcomic-turned-Dark Horse comic-turned-animated series starring Nick Offerman can tack on one more credential: Mezco toy line. Coming in July, Mezco's first action figure wave will feature Axe Cop, Avocado Soldier, Wexter, Doody Soldier and Doctor Doo Doo, and Baby Man. The action figures will be complimented by a larger-scale line of plushies, starting with Wexter and Avocado Soldier. Both the figures and plushies come with all the accessories you'd expect, though Axe Cop and Avocado soldier definitely boast the biggest arsenals in their mutual war on crime. There's dozens of other characters just begging to join this first lineup in future waves, but I'm secretly hoping Presty the pug will make an appearance before too long.

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