There are a lot of adapted DC Comics properties on television or coming to movie theaters at the moment, which is a good thing for DC fans depending on your perspective. What makes that a positive in my eyes is all the interesting collectibles we get thanks to these high-profile shows and films. While it's true we were already getting some Flash, Green Arrow and Harley Quinn toys, it's been a while since a Katana statue or figure has been released, let alone an El Diablo. This year, DC Collectibles aims to rectify that.

We got our first look at the upcoming Suicide Squad statues back in January, but seeing them in person shows just how accurate they really are. They're loaded up with details, and the actor likenesses are really on point. Individually, all the pieces look good, but when you get the whole team arranged, they do form a nice group shot as well. It's not entirely necessary to appreciate each character, but if you're an absolute Squad nut, DC's thought well enough ahead.

A few of the Suicide Squad statues are tentatively planned to have alternate heads, though it's still up in the air if it will happen for characters like Killer Croc and Deadshot. The default heads for each are those you see attached already in the images above, so you'll be getting a Will Smith likeness no matter what. Whether or not that masked portrait comes remains to be seen. Each member of the team will also have a reversible base, with one side featuring the Suicide Squad dog tag design and the other a tattoo design inspired by that particular character.

The first 10 figures for the new DC Films figure line were also on display, and they do look good. I don't know if they are necessarily $50 a piece good, but the level of detail and articulation is above what you'd typically see in a DC Collectibles figure. Lex Luthor still looks weird, but the Harley and Wonder Woman look much better in person than they did in the teaser images released ahead of Toy Fair. That Michael Shannon Zod is probably the best of the bunch with a facial likeness though, and it's uncanny. I mean, it's really spooky how much that looks like one of the baddest dudes acting today.

These DC Films figures are going to vary in price based on how many different accessories they come with/how big they figures are, so characters like Lex won't cost nearly as much as Superman. DC's also looking into including figure stands for certain characters so you can pose them more dramatically. Flying characters are obvious candidates, but because of how agile and acrobatic she is, Harley may come with one as well. Too many figures today don't come with posing stands, and limit what you're able to do with them on a shelf. If the figure stands are sturdy enough to hold characters in the air, say like a Figma stand, it will be a nice addition.