Since its debut in 1982, Mattel's Masters of the Universe toy line and accompanying multimedia extensions have netted the toy company the kind of money guys like Steve Jobs can't even sneer at. As with any hugely successful property, however, there's a controversy: A bunch of dudes claim to have created the series famed protagonist He-Man. Urban Archipelago Films has set out to explore He-Man's potentially sordid origins in Toy Masters, an upcoming documentary that seeks to fully chronicle the cultural phenomenon inspired by a the most unhealthy-looking beefcake to ever summon the power of Grayskull. Catch the Toy Masters trailer after the jump.From Toy Masters' official synopsis:

The film is in production now, filming all over the U.S. "Toy Masters" will feature interviews with the key creative personnel behind every version of the best selling toy line and all incarnations of "Masters of the Universe" on television, film, stage, and print, tracing the inception and ups and downs of the fantasy juggernaut.

As entertaining as it is to see the meaner side of MoTU, I'm hoping to see more chill corners of the franchise's history as well. I've always preferred Mattel's trippy mini-comics to anything Filmation ever did in its 130 episode cartoon series (and way more than its sequel The New Adventures of He-Man), so it will be interesting to see if the film can uncover some interesting new tidbits in that department. Regardless, I am geeking out over seeing the finished Toy Masters when it wraps in 2012.

See the trailer for Toy Masters below:

[Via Topless Robot]