Though most of the attention at Hasbro's New York Comic Con preview event was focused on the latest Star Wars and Marvel Legends figures, Transformers had arguably as many great surprises. With both Robots in Disguise and the more adult Generations lines on display, just about every conceivable character was on display. That includes the newly announced Titans Return line, which played host to a number of great reveals that longtime fans have eagerly been waiting for.

Likely the two biggest stars of the show, Galvatron and Blaster have been well worth the wait. Galvatron's design is outstanding, and might be one of the best Decepticon figures released in the past few years. Blaster holds a soft spot in my heart, as along with Hot Rod, he was one of the two Transformers figures I remember keeping around until they fell completely apart when I was a kid. This new iteration is bigger for sure, but that size brings with it an attention to detail and design that the classic figures just can't match. I'm not a dyed-in-the-wool Transformers collector, but I might just have to start clearing some shelf space to revisit these updated heroes of my youth.

The Titans Return line also re-introduced the Titan Master figures, which are smaller Transformers with multiple modes, including heads for other Titan Returns figures. Though you can't use them for any of the previous figures, the smaller robots do allow you to get a bit creative with your collection if you're into alternate versions. Hasbro did also show off many of the larger Combiner Wars figures, though we did see them previously in the past. It doesn't make them any less impressive, and hints at the larger figures to come as a part of the Titans Return storylines in the IDW comics.

Robots in Disguise got plenty of love, whether with repaints or some new pieces entirely. As the Transformers line geared towards younger audiences, the offerings all look strong, and do bring at least a modicum of complexity to their builds. The stylized Autobots and Decepticons often get an unfair wrap from longtime and older fans, but the designs are clean and give an interpretation that we might not have seen otherwise. Given that this line is the gatweway drug for kids to the larger lines, Robots in Disguise does a good enough job doing exactly what it needs to do.

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