We're big fans of Ulises Farinas' art at ComicsAlliance. We've commissioned work from him in the past, and highlighted his art several times, so we'd be remiss if we didn't take this opportunity to let readers and fans know that he's selling a great selection of his work over on his site right now, to raise money for his medical expenses.The sale is certainly good news for fans, but Farinas was motivated to start it due to an unfortunate accident. From his site:

I have a lot of art. Like hundreds of pages of comics, illustrations, and random things I've drawn over the years. And I recently sliced my thumb open, and with no health insurance, it's a pretty big bill. So i decided to finally get off my butt, and scan my original inks, and put them up for sale.

So if you love fun art and helping out a talented member of the comics community, this is definitely a solid opportunity. You can check out a few samples of his work below.

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