Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 arrived in stores last week, bringing with it new content and, most importantly, new characters. Each character sports a number of standard variant looks in the game informed by their history in comics and multimedia, though some of the "alternate costumes" are closer to plain palette swaps than full-on overhauls. New DLC outfits, however, are different enough that fans will have to pay up to own every possible look for their favorite fighters.

Gamespot's got a breakdown of every alternate costume in the game from each of the game's weekly $4 four-character DLC packs ("The Costume Pack," "The Rising Dead," "The Evil Twin," "The Ancient Warrior," "The Brawler," "The Femme Fatale," "The New Age of Heroes," "The Animal Pack," "The Weapon Expert" and "The Viewtiful Strange"). Players who want all 48 costumes at once, and for quite a bit less scratch, need only wait until March 6 to score them all for $20 as part of a value pack. See all of the variant Marvel DLC outfits after the jump.


Classic Thor

Steve Rogers

Iron Patriot

New Nova

Classic Dormammu

Doctor Strange's 1969 look

UDON Taskmaster

OTA-94 Sentinel

Hawkeye as Ronin

Rocket Raccoon (Mignola uniform)

Weapon X Wolverine

Annihilation Super Skrull

Doomwar Doctor Doom

Nextwave M.O.D.O.K.

X-Men: Evolution X-23

Mohawk Storm

Ultimate Iron Fist

Lawyer She-Hulk

House of M Magneto

"Planet Hulk" Hulk

Scarlet Spider (original)

Ghost Rider 2099

Jim Lee Jean Grey

[Via Gamespot]