Hasbro's got not just one, but two different Ultimate Spider-Man action figures in the pipeline at its signature 6" and 3.75" scales. While the first thing you might notice is that the figures are built a little bit more like a full-grown hero than the young Miles Morales, Hasbro has made the distinction that the 3.75" version is a variant of a regular Spider-Man figure (which explains why he's packing a camera in that web bag accessory). The 3.75" Ultimate Spider-Man figure is set to arrive with the rest of the first Marvel Universe wave of 2012 with the 6" figure seeing release later this year as part of a Walmart-exclusive 6-inch Spider-Man line. If you can't take the wait, Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's Minimate Miles Morales is still expected to arrive at Toys"R"Us in a special two-pack with Ultimate Captain America this summer, too. Take a look at larger images of each Marvel Morales figure after the cut.

6" Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales Figure

3.75" Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales

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