Ever since X-Force secretly re-formed with the goal of assassinating a reincarnated Apocalypse, the name of the game has been slaying horsemen. The reborn En Sabah Nur isn't a fool, he knows how to setup end bosses. The fighting has been tough so far, but if anyone can make a cast that includes Marvel's deadliest heroic mutants (and Deadpool) see its mission through, it's writer Rick Remender and artist Jerome Opena. Marvel's provided us with an exclusive first look Uncanny X-Force #3, which gives readers their next dose of Kidpocalypse hunting action.From Marvel's official solicitation info:

Uncanny X-Force versus Apocalypse's Last Horsemen to the death! With their target within striking distance the team separate in hopes that one of them might infiltrate the Akkaba stronghold and assassinate Apocalypse. However, breaking apart has left them vulnerable, and one member pays a heavy toll for the strategy. Will a member of the team die to stop Apocalypse? Or will the price be heavier still?

Check out select pages from the upcoming issue below:

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