See these three guys up there? They want you to read this comic.

In case you missed us gushing over this comic a few days ago, Uncanny X-Force is the new hotness: a book containing so many ideas that it should be a mess, but instead display a level of forethought that makes it into grindhouse event comics. The series is ugly, in the best sense of the term; it's about ugly characters in ugly situations doing really ugly things, but the stakes are high and the dialogue is witty and the ideas are big, so it ends up redefining and heightening the ultraviolent, time-travel-laden '90s X-Men rather than seeming like fanboy jonesing. For my money it's the best title in the X-franchise for years, and we've got an exclusive preview of the upcoming Uncanny X-Force #5.1.It's a self-contained one-shot, like all the .1 issues, out on March 16 by regular writer Rick Remender and guest artist Rafael Albuquerque (Blue Beetle, American Vampire) making his Marvel debut on a full issue (he previously provided some art for Captain America #600 and covers for the Nomad: Girl Without a World miniseries).

This issue even interrupts the "Deathlok Nation" arc midway for this standalone story of what seems to be the team versus Lady Deathstrike (in classic Barry Windsor-Smith gear, natch) and the Reavers. So enjoy some pretty explosions and the issue's cover, by Simone Bianchi, below.

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