Valentine's Day may still be far, far, in the offing, but SLG's February release of the "Birdhouse" OGN by Vernon White looks like it could have the heart to merit a pre-order.

Described as a modern fairytale, the story focuses on a corrupt king so hated by his subjects that there's an attempt on his life. Now, with the castle effectively on lock-down, his lonely daughter feels more isolated than ever. The princess isn't without hope, however. as she befriends a castle construction worker who is down with helping her escape to a seaside town far from her father's reach.

According to white, the plot echoes traditional fairytale themes by design, but has a modern twist:

"My intention was to make the story completely straightforward while still giving the curiosity of something unusual," said White in an official press release.

SLG has a new video trailer showcasing White's black and white line work streaming online. Check it out after the jump.

White's aesthetic looks like my cup of tea. Thoughts?

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