Back in 2006, Sir Richard Branson and self-help author Deepak Chopra joined forces and launched Virgin Comics. Initially based on stories from Indian mythology, the company later expanded with two more lines: Marverick (later renamed Voices) and Director's Cut. The first line of comics was spearheaded primarily by musicians and actors, while Director's Cut was, fittingly, handled by film directors.

After two years, Virgin Comics closed up shop in New York and was bought out, becoming Liquid Comics and posting a collection of their original Virgin on their Web site. As reports, however, the availability of Virgin/Liquid Comics offerings are now doubly available since they've gone live on Scribd in HTML5. Liquid CEO Sharad Devarajan broke down the effort stating, "The future of comic books is digital and partners like Scribd enable us to potentially reach millions of new readers."

This will certainly help those who wanted to download any Virgin comics, since only Scribd supports obtaining a digital "hard copy." Likewise, Scribd is where you want to go if you have an iPad and find yourself in an incredibly strange mood where you crave John Woo's "Seven Brothers", Jenna Jameson's "Shadow Hunter" or Weston and Nicolas Cage's "Voodoo Child."[Via Robot6]

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