DC superhero Vixen has been receviving a long overdue push in the last couple of years, led by CW Seed's animated Vixen series, a guest appearance on Arrow, and an upcoming role for a version of the character in Legends of Tomorrow. Yet for all her TV appearances, DC's best known black female hero hasn't had the same sort of support in comics. That may finally change with the news that Vixen will feature in the next arc of the digital first series DC Comics Bombshells.

We already know that a Vixen statue will join the DC Bombshells line of statues in 2017, but news that she'll also appear in the comics was revealed at the DC Rebirth: Young Gotham/Young Metropolis panel on Thursday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, along with a closer look at artist Ant Lucia's design for the character (above). While we have to wait a little while for the statue, Vixen will make her debut in the very next arc of Bombshells as a jazzy lounge singer, courtesy of writer Marguerite Bennett. (DC has not yet confirmed the artist on the arc.)

DC Comics Bombshells has been one of DC's most beloved titles of the last couple of years, thanks to its retro aesthetic and Bennett's refreshing feminist reimaginings of some of DC's best female superheroes. The series focuses on women and their relationships like few other superhero comics out there, and the addition of a major black female hero to the title --- and its merchandizing line --- is an encouraging sign.

With any luck, this is just the latest stage in a Vixen renaissance at DC. What we really want is to see the character given prominence in the main DC line as well, hopefully with her own ongoing series courtesy of a black female writer, or artist, or both!


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