While the amalgamated Street Fighter x Sanrio characters skew more Hello Kitty than Blanka tonally, the fusion of two iconic multimedia empires is nonetheless a cute way to celebrate a quarter of a century of Capcom's flagship fighting game series. Street Fighter turned 25 this year, making it as good a time as any to combine its combatants with Sanrio's kawaii characters for a variety of licensed products including clothing, toys and now books from Viz Media. This week saw the release of both the softcover Street Fighter X Sanrio: Sticker Book and the more substantial 96-page hardcover book, Street Fighter X Sanrio: World View, which promises to teach readers of all ages "how to live like a warrior too!" If that means I can learn how to throw huge fire balls at leaders of exotic criminal organizations, then I may be buying multiple copies.

From Viz's official press release:

The two legendary brands Street Fighter and Sanrio come together in the coolest sticker book ever with more than 65 stickers, bumper stickers, and paper doll stickers featuring Street Fighter characters as well as Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends.

STREET FIGHTER X SANRIO: WORLD VIEW · MSRP: $12.99 US / $14.99 CAN · Now Available!

Life is not a video game. But don't you sometimes wish it was? The characters of the Street Fighter video game series, with the help of Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends, have lived through countless battles and learned many life lessons along the way. Now you can learn how to live like a warrior too!

You can scope out Street Fight x Sanrio: World View and the Street Fighter x Sanrio: Sticker Book cover art below.

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