Get ready to vote, everyone: As of next week, Matt Wilson and I will be done with our in-depth review of the X-Men film franchise, and that means it's time for another vote! Against our better judgment, we're letting you, the readers, determine our fate by picking out the next set of movies we go up against!

Will it be a grand tour of '90s "classics" like Judge Dredd and Barb Wire? A look back at three different movies starring three different Punishers? The mind-boggling Secret of the Ooze? Or will we be forced to watch a quartet of movies based on fighting games -- not for power, not for evil, but for good? You have one week to cast your vote below!%Poll-78073%

No matter what you choose, we'll be in for some pretty rough stuff -- and in my experience, that's exactly what our readers are into. Check back on October 9 for the results!

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