Here at ComicsAlliance, we're already pretty excited about Jim Zub and Steve Cummings' Wayward. The story of a girl who moves from Ireland to Japan after her parents divorce, only to find herself in a world that's not only culturally different, but also full of supernatural monsters that want to murder her right there on the streets of Tokyo hits that perfect combination of adolescent metaphors and comic book action that I'll always love as a reader.

If, however, you still need convincing before the book's Final Order Cutoff date on Monday, then have a look below for a five-page preview that provides a gorgeous showcase of Cummings' art as Rory arrives in Tokyo. And maybe, if you're good, I might throw something else in for good measure.






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Pretty good looking art, and a nice way to capture the feeling of moving to a new place. But if there's one thing these five pages lack, it's the supernatural element that makes up the core of the action Wayward is set to bring to readers. So hopefully, Image won't be too mad if I go ahead and show you visual proof that there are definitely evil turtle monsters in this first issue:



They're definitely cool, but rude.


Wayward #1 will be on sale August 27 in print and digitally, and can be pre-ordered at finer comic book shops.