The Lantern Rings were meant to be a giveaway promotion, but like everything else, they've got a price. Comic book fans tend to have a collector mentality. I would know. I own not a single issue of "Blackest Night," but I do have every one of the Lantern Rings. What can I say? It pays to make cookies for your local comic shop owner.

Or I thought I did.

Seems that mistakes were made in the production process of the ring, and the more screwed up a ring was, the more people slavered to get it. Blue Lantern Flash Rings that hit stores with Yellow Lantern Ring symbols on them were immediately put on eBay. Prices climbed. Bleeding Cool News reported on a Green Lantern Ring with a White Lantern symbol on being sold for one hundred and nine dollars.

Now, at the end of the promotion, it looks like we've stumbled on the Alpha and the Omega of error rings. Sure, White Lantern Rings are all over eBay, sometimes being sold, rather ill-advisedly, under the name of White Power Rings. (What could possibly go wrong with that?) They're going for anywhere between ninety-nine cents and ten dollars. But there is one, lone entry with a price set for two-hundred dollars...

It's a White Lantern Ring with the Green Lantern symbol, and since it's the only one up there, it might have a shot at beating the error ring record. What would you pay for this?